Ultimate Steak Seasoning


The Ultimate Steak Seasoning is all you’ll ever need for all your meats.  Grab a bottle for you and one for friend.

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This is it folks.  The Ultimate.  Your steaks, seafood, chicken, and veggies will never be the same again.  When you crack the bottle cap, you’ll smell a simple and clean blend that doesn’t overwhelm or overpower your food.

There are no orange or green bits, flakes, or other seasonings designed to cover or change flavor.  Doug’s Last Wish Ultimate Steak Seasoning will bring out the natural goodness in your food.

Here are some seasoning user related suggestions:

  • Use it on eggs.  It turns a simple egg into a flavorful experience well beyond salt and pepper.
  • Coat your veggies.  Kids the world over are eating their green beans and broccoli since mom and dad made them with a liberal sprinkle of DLW.
  • Douse your steaks.  I realize this may be obvious but through the years, I’ve found that most people do not use enough seasoning.  Sprinkle on the top and bottom obviously – but also sprinkle DLW on the plate and roll the steak’s edges in it.  Use a light coat of olive oil or drawn button to make the Ultimate stick to the fat ring.

If you’d like to hear the story behind ultimate steak seasoning, visit the Our Story page.  Thanks for reading, sharing, and buying.

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