As a teen, I worked in a butcher shop in the humble little town of Glendora, CA.  During my time there, I was often tasked with making a seasoning that was used on EVERYTHING in the shop.  I mean everything.  It was so perfect. It didn’t cover.  It merely brought out the best in everything.

Over the years, I tried to replicate that seasoning but I really had no frame of reference to work from because you see, I made it in 5 gallon buckets.   I kept after it.

In 2005 I picked up the family and moved to Des Moines, Iowa so now, I had far more hearty meat eaters around me and truly felt at home.  I also had more time to experiment so I continued refining and testing my recipes on family and friends.
In 2010, I finally felt like I’d mastered the blend and named the magic powder Doug’s Last Wish. 

As a student of Internet marketing and all things web, I spent a Sunday afternoon throwing a website together for DLW and within a week or two, started getting orders! No one was as surprised as I was.  Uh oh, I have to ship product now!
I realized that with neighbors begging me for reloads every month, my friends and family lavishing “best steak ever” for years,  that we had arrived at the Ultimate Steak Seasoning.

I now bring Doug’s Last Wish to you in a fun and pithy way because if the cow really did have a choice on how it would be consumed, it would choose to be liberally coated with DLW Ultimate Steak Seasoning.  The cow WOULD have wanted it this way.

Please buy some, try it, and then grab enough to last you a month or two and tell 10 friends to do the same.  This is a passion of mine and I’d like to build recurring value for my family while making people happy and the world a better place. 

Please join me and thank you so much for your business.
Doug Mitchell (on behalf of Doug the Cow)

Doug’s Last Wish Ultimate Steak Seasoning is operated by The Mitchell Group, LLC, Clive, IA