Perfect Prime Rib Recipe

Prime Rib recipes or cooking instructions are a hot search term around the holidays.  Family and friends typically bombard my inbox asking me how they can replicate the roasts they’ve had at our house.  Well here’s the secret:  There is no secret. 

But, there IS a requirement.  Ready for it?   Ultimate Steak Seasoning.  That’s it.  Really.

When I worked at a butcher shop as a kid, customers paid far more for our “better” meat…but our meat was EXACTLY the same as was sold in the large supermarket chains.  But we had a secret weapon.  A little bottle of seasoning that nearly every customer purchased when they bought a roast or steaks or any type of meat for that matter.   

But let’s talk cook time and method.  You MUST use a thermometer to gauge the inside/core temp of your roast.  There are plenty of charts out there online that will tell you what doneness level equals what temperature.  So, put your meat in the oven early and keep the temp low.  When you are within 12-15 degrees of your doneness temp (my oven isn’t perfect so it’s a game to try and time things right, turn up the heat to 400 or more – or maybe even turn on the broiler to get a nice crispy crust on your roast.  Once you have that crust, take out the roast and cover it.  Let it rest for 10 or more minutes.  The roast will come up further in temp and you’ll at least be close to your target temperature and the juices of the meat will have reintegrated into the beautiful bovine hunk of love.

Slice and enjoy.

No magic.  Just bottled awesome.

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